The Health Ministry Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Florence Nightingale Hospital in Turkey

On Monday morning (10/03/2014) the assistant undersecretary Mr Ameen Al Saati had received a visiting delegation on behalf of Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals from Turkey which included a group of hepatology and gastrology specialists and that took place in Salmaniya Medical Committee.

This group of specialists visited our Bahraini patients who had gone under liver transplantation operation previously to follow up their health status and to see if they require any medical support as well as giving valid advices and guidances based on their long experience in this field, this visit was accompanied by the treatment team of Salmaniya Medical Committee.

This delegation presented to us two very valuable lectures regarding the newest updates in liver diseases and treatment modalities, as well as a full explanation on how to evaluate patients who require liver transplantation.

This is the third of visit of Group Florence Nightingale during their collaboration with Bahrain Ministry of Health.

Al Waseet al Bahraini newspaper, issue 4203, Teusday 11/03/2014'


Professor Yaman Tokat and Professor Yildiray Yuzer with their more than 18 years of experience in the field of liver transplantation performed more than 800 live donor liver transplantations being number one in Europe.

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