"Hepsi Onun Kadar Şanslı Değil"

Unknown to one another, but in need of a transplant to live Naz 8 month old baby and 70-year-old Konstantin Ipseftel's families, the liver was swaped.

The baby Naz was born in July 2012, is a kind of jaundice and not passed. When she was 2 months old to the conducted medical tests showed that she had no congenital bile duct which is called biliary atresia. With surgery, bile duct ligated to intestine. However, this is a time-saving surgery was not enough to save the baby's liver. Cirrhosis developed in a short time. The only chance for the survival of liver transplant. Mother Songül Karayanık's (26) 0 Rh-positive blood group was compatible but the liver lobe is too big for her. Songül Karayanık gave 10 kilos in two months. Even so, liver wasn't small enough. Then family went to Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital, Organ Transplant Center, Yaman Tokat MD, and apply to the swap liver transplantation list.

In the meantime,Konstantin Ipseftel's (70) who was followed by hepatitis B-related liver failure also progressed to cirrhosis. And also the last resort for him is liver transplant. He waited a year for proper liver but it wasn't found. Physiotherapist son Maki İpseftel's (29) is also compatible blood group O Rh positive with his father. However, the left lobe of the liver was small and if he donated the right lobe, the left lobe would not be sufficient for himself.

swap lifeSurgery at the Same Time

Yaman Tokat MD, and his team was offered both family the swap liver transplantation. Maki Ipseftel's small left liver would be enough for baby Naz, and Songül Karayanık's big left liver also to Konstantin Ipseftel. They accept this solution. The possiblity of give up two patients and two donors are underwent the surgery on April 10, at the same time. The livers were transferred to the new owners. Donors are stayed a day in intensive care unit and they get better as soon. The patient Konstantin Ipseftel and Naz went back to their home safely three weeks after the surgery.

Swap Life Transplantation Candidate Pool Consists

Yaman Tokat MD, "swap transplantation is a method to match the blood group incompatible donors and recipient couples with the couples having the same problems. what we do is not only in Turkey, also Europe's first swap liver transplantation. Unaware of each other people was waiting in cadaveric waiting lists and losing their lives. Because of this we established a website which everyone may register there." http://www.swaptransplantation.com/

A Greater Chance of Bad Luck

Songül Karayanık: "is the only way for my daughter There was no one in our family matching blood group other than me. I do not feel like my liver given to someone else. My conscience is clear. We have talks with Ipseftel family and curious about each others patients."

Maki Ipseftel: "There was nothing to think about. The swap transplantation was a chance of bad luck. As a result, our common goal is to see our patients good. We would have the surgery anyway. And we reached our goal."



Professor Yaman Tokat and Professor Yildiray Yuzer with their more than 18 years of experience in the field of liver transplantation performed more than 800 live donor liver transplantations being number one in Europe.

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